Dear Readers,

My interest is in the history of the early Chinese in Canada, mainly the period prior to 1968. I post some of my findings from time to time, and welcome any comment on or critique of my research. However, I monitor postings for civility and respect of others. Any inappropriate commentary will not be posted.

In my translation of a Chinese text, I may comment on the Hoiping dialect that I speak at home. Hoiping (開平) is one of the Four Counties or Four District dialects (四邑) which was spoken by most of the Chinese in Canada prior to 1968. The majority of my postings regarding translations use English as the metalanguage in commenting about the Chinese language. If I have the energy and time, I may post parallel passages in both Chinese and English. The Chinese characters are in the traditional form currently used in Taiwan or Hong Kong, because the early Chinese Canadian source materials use traditional characters. (e.g., The Chinese Times newspaper 大漢公報).

None of my translations, especially of statutes or regulations, should be used in a legal action or setting. My translations are for research or educational purposes only, and should not be construed as accurate or precise in any legal sense for the purpose of litigation or the courts. A legal expert such as a bilingual Chinese/English lawyer should be consulted in such event. There may be more than one acceptable interpretation.

Copyright of all my translations remain with me, but anyone may use them in their own works, as long as credit is duly cited of both the author and translator.

There appears to be quite a few men of the Seto clan world-wide who share my Christian name John. I use HJ Seto or Seto HJ in the public sphere.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Seto HJ


March 15, 2014