Jenny Kwan to repay $34,000

by setohj

I just come across a CBC news story about NDP MLA Jenny Kwan, so I am postponing my follow-up blog (Part 2) on the Chinese translation of the title of “The Chinese Immigration Act” passed by the Canadian Parliament in 1923. Earlier this year, this Member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia attended a banquet of the clan association known as the Fong Leun Tong Society (鳳倫堂). Its members consist of people with surnames Sits (薛) or Setos (司徒). The membership also includes women whose original surname was one of these two surnames but had changed their surname upon marriage.

In this blog I will extract news items from the English language news media on the Portland Hotel Society (PHS Social Services Society) scandal involving the husband of the provincial member of legislature Jenny Kwan. She announces a $34,000 repayment of travel expenses initially paid out by the Portland Hotel Society.

I will quote the English text first, followed by my translation into Chinese as follows.


From CBC news March 21, 2014 by Mike Laanela:

NDP MLA Jenny Kwan repaying $34K for Europe, Disney trips

Portland Hotel Society, recently audited for questionable expenses, paid for Kwan’s Disneyland trip



NDP MLA Jenny Kwan says she is repaying more than $34,000 in expenses for trips she and her family took to Bristol, Vienna and Disneyland that were paid for by the Portland Hotel Society.


According to Kwan, her ex-husband Dan Small—who was forced out as PHS’s director of policy, research, and fund development—told her that he had paid for the family’s travel expenses when he took them along on a business trip to Bristol and Vienna.

照關慧貞﹐她前丈夫斯莫爾(Dan Small)生意旅行到布里斯托市和維也納市。當時他家陪伴他。對她告訴這樣﹐他付了家旅行費用了。他是以前PHS逐出為政策研究及基金發展董事。

The MLA claimed that she found out with the release of the audits that the hotel upgrade cost almost $2,700, while travel expenses for the Europe trip totalled over $32,000.