Translation of Chinese/English documents found in Canada

by setohj

I shall post translations of Chinese text from documents of a historical nature found in Canada or the US. These may include sources such as newspapers (e.g., The Chinese Times), letters, books, and other archival materials. I shall be also posting translations of English texts into Chinese, materials that might be of interest to native Chinese readers living in Canada. My ultimate goal is to achieve a better understanding of the early Chinese who lived in Canada prior to 1968.

These are my own translations, mainly for my own research, and I wish to share them with any interested reader. I welcome feedback from anyone out there. I do not have an idea how frequently I can post, other than to say whenever I have time. I will be monitoring blogs for civility and respect of others. Copyright of all my translations remain with me, but anyone may use them in their own works, as long as credit is duly cited of the author and translator.